Raadhus-Stallen (Town hall stables)

New this year!

A special suite in “the stables” at Kongens Torv (the King’s square) in the heart of Fredrikstad Old Town. Experience a different kind of stay in magnificent historic surroundings. The suite is of a high standard with unique details.

In collaboration with Elisabeth Gyllensten and Geir Stahl – the owners of “the Old Town Hall and Stables”, anno 1767, we are now able to offer stays at the stables on Kongens Torv in the heart of the Old Town. Guests have virtually the entire building at their disposal and full use of the cosy back courtyard. Art exhibitions are sometimes held at the main house and guests are of course welcome to attend.

The Town Hall Stables have been recently restored in close cooperation with the cultural heritage officer and county conservationist and consist of: the main bedroom and bathroom in the stables on the ground floor, kitchen and living room on the first floor in the old hay loft, plus one extra bedroom, called “jomfruburet” or “the virgin’s bower”. There is a total of four beds – and a generous 85 square metres of space.

The property is steeped in history. The main house was built as a home for the mayor, Morten Niemann, after the fire of 1764 and was completed in 1767. The stables were probably built the same year. In 1774, the property was taken over by the city authorities and became the Fredrikstad’s first proper town hall – which it would remain until 1865. During this time, two of the rooms in the stables were used as the town’s debtors’ prison and drunk cell. These have now been restored and can be visited by staying guests.


From 1865 right up until 2001, Fredrikstad Savings Bank was located here. During this period, the stables were also used as living space by several families – such as Hauglund the butcher and his wife, daughter and son in the 1860s.


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