Gamlebyen hotel is a certified “Miljøfyrtårn” hotel!

Hotelldirektør på Gamlebyen hotell og Ordfører i Fredrikstad viser at Gamlebyen hotell er miljøfyrtårn

“Miljøfyrtårn” (Eco-Lighthouse) is an important community commitment as it ensures that we, as a business, make environmentally conscious choices. Being “Miljøfyrtårn” certified means that we meet various environmental requirements and work to reduce the hotel’s environmental footprint.


We have an environmental policy that sets the framework for our work with sustainability and how we will contribute to a sustainable future. We do our best to take care of the environment and nature and to ensure that the needs of our guests are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We work continuously to limit the environmental impact of the hotel’s activities.

Gamlebyen Hotel is part of De Historiske Hotel and Spisesteder, where there is a focus on members implementing sustainability in practice. This means we contribute to the local community, preserve historical buildings and building traditions, and offer local food and drink. Gamlebyen Hotel implements a number of sustainable measures, which is the reason for our Eco-Lighthouse certification!


To keep our environmental footprint as low as possible, we have established routines for monitoring water and electricity consumption. We have identified possible measures to reduce consumption and have implemented these measures. To help our guests make environmentally conscious choices, we have provided tips such as turning off lights and closing windows before leaving the room, turning off the shower while soaping up, and turning off the water between brushing your teeth. These actions will be of great help.


One of our contributions to a better environment for the future is ensuring that all cleaning products we use are environmentally certified. This helps limit the emission of harmful chemicals. We have implemented waste sorting for both our employees and guests and will actively work to raise awareness among our visitors through informative postings at our recycling stations. Our goal is to continually increase our recycling rate.


We encourage our guests to use their towels for more than one day, thereby minimizing towel washing and reducing the use of energy, fresh water, and soap. We are very pleased that our guests are supporting this initiative in the way they do.


We encourage our guests to use public transport whenever possible. You can take the train to/from Fredrikstad station and the ferry to/from Gamlebyen Hotell.


At Gamlebyen Hotell, many of our furniture and interior items are reused. This creates a great atmosphere, which we often receive positive comments about from our guests. Reuse is also environmentally friendly and sustainable for all of us.

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