Gamlebyen i Fredrikstad er en av Norges mest populære attraksjoner. Gamlebyen er ikke bare godt bevart, den er også spill levende. Butikkene, galleriene og kafeene syder av liv, og gammel historie blir som ny når 1700-tallet møter nåtiden.

Hos oss ligger det meste til rette for et opplevelsesrikt og avslappende opphold, enten for ferie eller konferanse.

What can you do in the Fortified Town? The activities are borrowed from: Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler

Conference & Party

Karen beer-tapster

Join a living history storytelling tour through the streets of the Old Town with Karen Beer-Tapster.
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Golf & Golf Packages

We offer accommodation with games at Gamle Fredrikstad Golfklubb which is only 900 meters from Gamlebyen Hotell Fredrikstad.
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Glasshytta is the place to see glass art created before your very eyes. In the course of just a few minutes, molten glass is fashioned…
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Commandantens Promenade

Take a guided tour around the Fortified Town on a route that’s completely different. Artist Alexander Hermansen takes the role as Commandant Hans Jacob Scheel,…
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Model Railway Centre

Come and see the biggest model railway in Norway, with trains and tracks winding through magnificent landscapes with towns, countryside and spectacular scenery. Towns, cars,…
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Visit Østfold has an events calendar for the Old Town.